'Kappukara Vaidyar' Tradition

As known by all, Siddha medicine was preserved and practised by Traditional practitioners called as Vaidyas. These Vaidya followed a disciplined rules in diagnosis, treatment and lifestyle based on Tamil Medicine. One such tradition is 'Kappukara Vaidiyar tradition.' They were the Royal physicians to the Nawabs of Arcot.

Dr. Ayyavoo Mudaliar and his son Dr. A. Ramakrishna Mudaliar were the Royal physicians. They were well versed in treating veneral diseases.

'Mooligai Chakravarthy'
Vellore Dr.A.R.Kannappar, R.M.P.,
Dr.A.R.Kannappar, son of Dr.A.Ramakrishna Mudaliar, was born on 9 th July 1921. He acquired this knowledge in Siddha medicine and sharpend his skills in treating the patients. He had good knowledge in Alchemy and Homeopathy too. In 1963 he wrote the famous 'Nam Naatu Mooligaigal' in Dinamani, a popular Tamil daily. It revoked a tremendous response with the public. He simplified and gave the people a clear picture of what and how this system of medicine was capable in treating many life threatening diseases.

During 1964, after successfully writing for Dinamani, Dr.A.R.Kannappar, published a monthly magazine called Mooligaimani, this was the first magazine ever published in Tamil dedicated purely for herbal medicine. He then opened a hospital in Vellore. He was a master in curing many chronic diseases of the Skin, Eyes and Infertility. His famous formulation included 'Netrapoondu Thailam', 'Mahamooligai Thailam' and 'Aviri thailam.'

He individually fought for the Siddha system of medicine after the Post-Independance period, when there was Total Western Influence on everything, including medical systems, people and society were influenced by Modern medicines. Mooligaimani, was published only to spread the efficiency of our Siddha medicine. Dr.A.R.Kannapar, spent all his life in the re-introduction of Siddha medicine, which was ignored by the People. His tireless effort pioneered the revival of this system.

Now, Herbal medicines, is the basis and sourcing many Scientific researchs Worldwide. The foundation for this was laid in Tamilnadu rightfully by Dr.A.R.Kannappar.

His devotion and commitment towards Herbs and Siddha medicine throned him, the 'Emperor of Herbal medicine.' He died at the age of 60, with the satisfaction of rightfully holding back the pride of
Siddha medicine and Herbal medicine. He had a Vision to serve People and keep them healthy. He accomplished just that.

Dr. K.VENKATESAN, M.A., Ph.D., R.M.P (S)
Dr.Venkatesan, S/o Dr.Kannappar, suceeded in manifesting the efficacy of the system in State, National and International levels. Dr.Venkatesan, has done his Doctorate in Philosophy at The University of Madras. His research topic was on Siddha medicine in Tamill Literature. He has done remarkable research works in this field. He had organised number of Conferences, Workshops and Seminars on Siddha and Herbal medicine. He has been telecasted in numerous mass media including TV, Radio and newspapers National and International. He is now the Editor of Mooligaimani, Tamil monthly and also the Editor of The Wealth of Indian medicine, English Bi-monthly.

Like his father Dr.A.R.Kannappar, Dr.Venkatesan has also done some wonderful acheivements in treating dreadful diseases including AIDS, Cancer, Asthma, Liver diseases and Psoriasis. He created a new dimension to Siddha medicine, by inter-relating both modern and traditional treatments into one. Thus the Patient gets the advantages of both the system. His concept of Modern Siddha, comprising of Modern diagnosis and Traditional Siddha treatment has proved good in releiving the patient from the diseas at a faster pace.

He now has ventured in developing an Health resort aimed at teaching the People the principles and the art of living life to the fullest preventing the entry to disease and to cure the disease thereinafter. The resort, Shangrila, is being built admist natural scenary at the foot hills of Kolli hills.  

Dr. K.Babu is the second son to Dr.A.R.Kannappar. He has specialised in treating Eye related diseases. His experienced treatment have opened eyes to numerous people.

Mrs. Ruckmani Venkatesan, has sharpened her skills in the treating Child - Mother related problems. She has acquired indepth knowledge about the system and her vast experience adds up to her treatment. She has commendable knowledge in Women related diseases and authored many books.

Dr.K.V.Abirami, has graduated from Government Siddha Medical College, Anna nagar, Chennai. She gained her experience in handling Siddha medicines from Dr.K.Venkatesan, and she has specialised in treating Infertility related with Women. She has successfully treated Infertility with herbal medicines and dedicates her time in research based treament.

Dr.K.V.Ajitha Porkodi, graduated in Modern medicine, she is involved in practising comparative system of medicine. She helps in the diagnosis of the disease in a modern outlook.

Sri. K.V.Balaji Ramakrishnan, is a Research Scientist, involved in Cancer research. He is persuing his Doctorate in Biochemistry, on research on the anticarcinogenic activity of certain herbal extracts on Liver cancer. He is also commited in manufacturing herbal medicines sold under Drug manufacture license.